First steps… At the brazilian Consulate in Munich

passaporte_bras There are so many things one has to prepare for a trip that is a whole year long. The to do-list is so long! One of my colleagues was convinced that it is the same amount of preparation like moving from one flat to another in the same city. Well, he might get shocked at how different it is, in case he would be going away for one year!
On a weak day it can drive you real mad! Especially when only a few weeks before your departure you notice that your passport will be expired in a short time…
The renewal of a German passport usually takes at least 6 weeks, if not even longer. And it is very expensive.
Expecting that this is the time it takes for every passport renewal no matter which nationalities, I was surprised about the efficiency at the Brazilian consulate. Within one week I had my new brazilian passport! It was quick and even easy to get. But there was even more: Not only did I get my passport. When I told them about my plans in Brazil, I also got something like a social security number THE SAME DAY!!
That day Brazilians to me seemd to be people eager to keep everything simple. Germans instead are known to be quite the opposite! If it’s not complicated enough it somehow can’t be good…

Knowing of the complaints about how badly everything works in Brazil, you can imagine my surprise.
Not only was everything issued quickly, it was innovative, too, by working most of it out digitally.

Brazil a third-world country? Not in my case! I experienced it as very modern and easy!
In addition, the Brazilians working there were very heartwarmingly friendly. Friendly people is one reason why I wanted to leave Germany for a while. The interaction with the Brazilians there made my decision feel like the right one to make. A pleasant anticipation (“Vorfreude”) kicked in, and the following to do’s didn’t seem like a big burden anymore. I was finally happily looking forward to my journey.

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