Cool Bar in SP: Drosophyla…

Sao Paulo-Peeps! There is some bad news for those who like going out to extra-ordinary charming bars. One of my favorities in Sao Paulo will be shut down next week and you HAVE to go there, the Drosophyla Bar, before it’s gone!

Why? I’ve got three reasons:

reason one. it has the best original drink called the “vicio noturno” (“night addiction”).
It’s a mixture of “Aperol Spritz” only with the addition of GinTanQueray (whatever that is) and a chilipepper… delicious and addictive indeed!!

Recipe Vicio Noturno Vicio Noturno

reason two. it has one of the most interesting interior I haven’t seen in a long time (the last time, it was “The Spotted Pig” in New York City, including U2’s Bono, hehehe… ). if you’re waiting to go to the toilet, don’t expect people to be quick. once you’re in the bathroom, you’ll understand why…

Interior toilet Drosophyla 1-IMG_6045-001 1-IMG_6045 1-IMG_6046 1-IMG_6047 1-IMG_6048 1-IMG_6049 1-IMG_6050 1-IMG_6052 1-IMG_6054

reason three. the staff wears t-shirts that make you look at them twice, three times, or even more often and let you still be irritated by them… Unfortunately, I have missed out on taking the pictures of the t-shirts, so you have to go and see by yourself 😉
But at least here you see the lovely owner of this charming place, Lilly.


Above you can even see her portrait along with the other visuals. I assume, she collected all these images while traveling. This explains the picture with the German text, I guess, knowing that she had lived in Munich for approx. 2 years!! (By the way, for those who don’t understand German, the translation is something like that: “Even my husband says, small is fine, but bigger is better”…)

They say that the bar will be opened at another place. But who knows how it will look like then?

Drosophyla’s last day will be July, 26th. So be quick to get a look at the original Drosophyla that has been existed apporx. 15 years close to consolaçao!

P.S.: If you like the interior, Drosophyla sells everything on August, 2nd!!!


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