dia de amizade / day of friendship

The bad-luck-week put aside, I really feel lucky here in Brazil so far. I never expected good things to happen like this and the good people to meet, like I’m doing until now! Maybe it’s a different kind of appreciation of everything being away from home? However, it’s a good thing!

Sunday, July 20th was the worldwide day of friendship. My friends in Europe were on my mind, of course. But thankfully I also found new friends in Sao Paulo and celebrated that day with these lovely people at a cool party!

The party is called “Selvagem“, – it’s going to be in Berlin in August, actually! Make sure you  check it out, in case you’re there. Here it was hosted by “Paribar” from 4pm to 10 pm in the old center of Sao Paulo. Even though it was a bit cold, people stayed outside and enjoyed the DJ’s music on the street. Well, after a short while there wasn’t any space indoors anyway… it ended up being a massive street party!
Paribar - dia de amizade Paribar 1-IMG_7030P.S.: I just love that long table with the white table-cloth and flowers on it, for a lot of friends. Wanna do that, too, one day!

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