lost in interpretation


Here you can find the article in German.

“Don’t be afraid when I touch you. We Brazilians do that all the time, you know?.” Yes, I actually do know. Why is she specifically telling me this, I wondered. Maybe because I look like an “untouchy” German? Being half Italian, I should be used to these kinds of communication gestures. Actually I used to be like that, too. Talking to people, I gesticulated a lot and touched their arms and hands… I changed after being judged by people at school because of that. This probably turned me into a VERY German person. I don’t touch people this much anymore (I don’t wanna scare them away!). But when I do hug them, I can’t resist because I really like them.
Now you know it. The translation of my gestures is:

  1. hugging you: I probably like you a lot.
  2. not hugging you: I probably need some time to know you and trust you.
    OR: I like you VERY much but I’m just shy.

Some Europeans don’t know about these kinds of intercultural communication “tools” (especially Germans) and have an immediate interpretation according to their own norms.
Let me tell you: When Brazilians take your hand, hug you or kiss you,… when they are touchy, it doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean anything what us Germans would likely think. It neither means that they like you, nor that they don’t. It’s just an accustomed behavior.

The following refers to recent events: if a girl touches (hugs or caresses) a guy you like, don’t get intimidated by that. Be yourself. The guy won’t fall in love with the one that caresses him most, but with the one who touches his soul as well.

And this is a universal rule.

(At least, that’s what I’d like to think. – xoxo, romantic me 😉 )

Do you have any particular Brazilian characteristica to make us interpret right? Pls feel free to comment below! thx 🙂

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