Natal, Rio Grande do Norte

When it started to get cold in Sao Paulo (yes, there is a winter there!), I felt a strong need for a visit in a warm place. I went to Natal, known for hot temperatures the whole year long and for its huge sand dunes. Of course there is so much more to see in Natal, but for me it turned out to be a pure beach holiday.

Staying in a hostel close to the beach, in Ponta Negra, I went to the beach every day. It was so enjoyable to feel the sun and the breeze of the ocean on your body!! drinking a coconut and eating grilled cheese- or meat sticks! and all that in a quite beautiful scenery. Only one day of the 10 that I spent there, I did a trip to Pipa with friends of the hostel. Even though we were a bit turned off by the higher prices (Ponta Negra is incredibly cheap) and the tourism there, at the end of the day we acknowledged the even more beautiful beaches. They are indeed very pittoresque. And how could you not love a beach strip called “praia do amor”?! ūüėČ It actually makes me think about going back there again soon.
Taking a walk through all the beach strips in Pipa, we saw a hostel/hotel that was located right by the beach. I mean, is there anything better than having a room with a view on the ocean right in front of you??

But the ultimate experience was meeting special people, a cute, cool couple there in Natal. We clicked immediately, probably because of Ren√©e’s fabulous kindness and openness. She is Dutch and her husband Paul is English. They live in Holland, and we already made plans to visit each other in 2015. We are still texting each other, even though this holiday was almost a month ago. I am soooo looking forward to seeing them again!!

For now we only have the pictures to remember the time we spent together, every day at the Ponta Negra beach, or at the hostel watching the World Cup matches or playing cards!
But this is my personal story.
For you I have some “appetizers” here, that hopefully make you want to travel to Natal, too.

P.S.: Natal s loved by surfers and kite-surfers. Just so you know.

Also, there is a déjà-vu with the coconut: Natal, 2014. Praia do Forte, Bahia, 2010.


1-IMG_6456 Dunes, Natal 1-IMG_6473 1-IMG_6521 1-Fussballplatz_IMG_6564 10351736_659329140802052_102395641793244847_n1-IMG_6463 1-IMG_6464 1-IMG_6461 1-IMG_6509 1-IMG_6519 1-IMG_6524 1-IMG_6526 1-IMG_6527 1-IMG_6529 1-IMG_6533 1-IMG_6534

More Pictures of Natal, here.

More Pictures of Pipa and my last day in Natal, here.


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