“…challenge your limits”

that challenges would come along with this trip is not very suprising. but there’s one unexpected challenge I am experiencing at the moment.

very good friends know that I am not an animals’ lover… the ones who don’t know me that much, might already have been irritated by my lack of enthusiasm for their pets.
so, ending up living in a place with two cats for me logically IS kind of a challenge. getting used to having them around me, taking care of them (giving them food, cleaning their “katzenklo”), CUDDLING! with them, understanding what they want when they meow – that definitely IS a big step for me!
Having them around me actually makes me happy. Especially when I see them lazy and calm like this, hahaha!:

IMG_1479 IMG_1480

but yesterday I even got further. I went to the premiere of the NGO’s commercial spots about abandoned animals (mostly cats and dogs) and their undefined races in Sao Paulo. It took place in a VIP cinema of the Paulista Shopping Center and of course there were some dogs there, too!!

IMG_1502 IMG_1506

Here’s the video produced by Parakino produçao Sao Paulo:

AMPARA ANIMAL – CAMPANHA TV from Parakino Produções on Vimeo.

It maybe doesn’t seem very difficult to you, but for me it is. I don’t like dogs because of their barking and their need of always moving, jumping, playing, running, etc. …

But I’m trying myself.
This step actually makes me happy because I feel how it changes me.

My mind and my heart are open. This is so good.

I am looking forward to more challenges to come!

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