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Cristina Bergfeld (146)_4new country, new chances! alone the moving to a new country can provide you unthinkable opportunities almost automatically. people say, this happens because you’re more open for new things that cross your path. I always refused to believe that in total, because it implies that incredible things like these can’t happen “at home”. but it should be possible there, too!

preparing my trip, leaving my home country, I never expected something very unusual to happen, or at least I didn’t have any idea of what could come across.
but then I got surprised. one of many examples is that I’ve been approached by a model scout and have been asked if I already modeled or would like to model!

I was introduced to Monica Monteiro’s model agency that has worked with Gisele Bündchen for 11 years. in their opinion I would be a good model for commercial campaigns, and there would be a market for me here in Brazil. even if they were only flattering me just to get money out of producing the pictures for the book, I decided to give it a shot (because this is my motto for this year: say yes to things I wouldn’t do at home).
at this point let me say that I honestly never had the ambition to become a model, knowing that I’m very shy and can’t deliver the expressions photographers and clients want. I would rather work as a mannequin walking on catwalks, but I’m not tall enough for that (only for small catwalks, like in a small town in Italy where I did that twice for local fashion shops and loved it).
but this time I really had fun being photographed by a female photographer duo.

the shooting went quite well if you consider that two weeks later I was invited to a casting for a worldwide POS campaign for Hewlett Packard with good money to earn! unfortunately I wasn’t in town for that…

since then, no casting invites anymore. it just isn’t meant to be, I guess. or maybe it doesn’t happen because of the pictures’ bad quality? I couldn’t afford to pay the requested price for the shooting (this is part of how model scouters make most of their money), which is why the make up and hair was done by one of the two photographers. in the pictures you can see that it’s not professional at all. as a producer myself I understood that more than that wasn’t possible. the photoshooting was cheaper than it would be in Germany in the first place when they mentioned the original price, and after negotiating the price even more! still, I think that they could’ve done more with my hair…
this is one reason why I am not very happy with the pictures.

another reason I am not happy with them is that everything went so fast (within 2 hours, three themes) and only stereotyped posings were chosen. the one with the leather jacket and short skirt… come’on!!! this is so ridiculous!!! maybe you can see that I don’t feel very comfortable in that “costume”. I feel disguised…

and then… when I got all the pictures, the “photoshopped” as well as the “un-photoshopped” ones, I was kind of … offended. even though I know better, working with models myself for our productions at Prosieben (many retouching requirements come from the client himself, not from the photographer. and those are even the harshest ones.), it’s still akward when it is done on “yourself”… it’s strange and interesting at the same time to see on yourself what is understood as an ideal beauty.

in my case, not considering myself as a “real” model, of course many things have been “corrected”: not only the usual retouching has been done such as smoothening the face by erasing some wrinkles and working on other skin imperfections… also, the size of my butt has been reduced (the only thing of my body I was actually a little bit proud of ;-)). my hair has been pumped up. my shoulder has been moved (this makes me actually learn something about my posture), and maybe you find something else that has been photoshopped on me…?

take a look:

pumped up hair, erased wrinkles, cleared skin, whitened teeth

Cristina Bergfeld (104)

Not Photoshopped

Cristina Bergfeld (104)_2


reduced butt, removed shoulder, pumped up hair

Cristina Bergfeld (99)

Not Photoshopped

Cristina Bergfeld (99)_2


Cristina Bergfeld (140)

Ridiculous leather jacket posing

Cristina Bergfeld (132)

Ridiculous leather jacket posing

Cristina Bergfeld (123)

Ridiculous leather jacket posing

Cristina Bergfeld (115)

Ridiculous leather jacket posing with ridiculous typicial “cool” model face I’m not able to do! hahaha…

Cristina Bergfeld (153)

Ridiculous leather jacket posing. Why, oh why…?!?!?!

talking about photoshopping models, there’s currently a swimsuit model who protests against her being extremely photoshopped to an utopian skinny size by a swimsuit brand. you can see the comparison of the pictures here. her father has an organization in favor of the awareness for eating disorders called “Butterfly Foundation“. I’m curious to see if their complaint will ever have an effect on this industry. but I guess not…

yes, we all are beautiful no matter what body size we have! I guess, you already know, but I feel like I have to stress that what you see in magazines clearly is photoshopped and not real! so, don’t let yourself be discouraged by that. what makes you enchanted with/by a person is not a perfect body but the smile of the other person spreading good vibes.

Cristina Bergfeld (12)

this one’s not bad… right?

Cristina Bergfeld (146)_2

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