2nd film school project: continuity

update Oct, 3rd 2014, see below!

my notes on continuity are: “lessen the lie, the spaces being the same, maintaining the truth in all dimensions.” continuity is not only taking care of having the bottle or the clock standing in the same positions in various edited shots, like most of the film enthusiastic people would think. it is also about how the cuts are made between each shot, and accordingly how the sequences have been filmed before to allow a fluent editing. in my opinion I did a good job regarding continuity (admitting that there is one cut that is incorrect and really bothers me, but there was no other way to do it). unfortunately the focus of the camera (again the 16mm camera) was broken, which is why this film is completely “blurred”. but still it’s fun to watch, i think. i like the actors a lot! having actors to cooperate and giving you additional ideas to make the story more charming, is the best that can happen to a director! and if they are good at acting, of course even more! so here’s is my continuity film (password: hippyshake):

“Hey now…” from crisberg on Vimeo.

feel free to comment! next: we’ve been shooting a “montage film” (basically a music video ignoring all the continuity rules) this weekend, finally on a digital camera! i already know that it’s not going to be like i intended it to become. but let’s see if i can do some magic with the editing. coming soon!

update Oct, 3rd 2014:
we finished screening our continuity films yesterday and mine got really bad feedback! according to my teacher the continuity was all messed up, from the beginning to the end. i didn’t expect that many mistakes… it seems like I understood the opposite of what continuity really is, hahaha! or I just payed more attention to the story. the teacher said that he loves my film because of two reasons:
1. because he sees that I intended to do the exercise precisely as he told us to, and that this video is very useful to explain continuity (uhm…?).
2. because I have a “grown up” storytelling. he talked about the emotional and intellectual sides of the story.
Well, I was really down, but at least now I know how to do things better!

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