life as a filmstudent in L.A.

dear readers, there haven’t been any new posts in my blog because I have been busy with school and filming, and as a consequence I’ve been too tired to write anything… So here’s just a quick resumée:

right now we are in our shooting week for our final film. that means that we only have two weeks left at school… none of us can believe how quickly this time is about to end! we have been learning a lot, had a very intense school schedule – 6-7 days a week, up to 10hrs school days and every weekend was busy with shooting, apart from one. right on our first day, a few teachers told us not to be surprised if by the end of this workshop we would be exhausted and pale (because we wouldn’t have time either for beach, nor even for the swimming pool!).

spending this much intense time with the same people and the actors, you can hardly avoid becoming friends with them and getting to know even more people.

living with three people in one place, 1 dutch girl (nina) and 2 italians (cecilia, and mike), me sharing a room with nina, we automatically became a little family. if then those italians are… like italians are known for being, very social and energetic, our apartment being the biggest of all turns into THE party location for everybody. no exception. not only classmates of the filmmaking group, also students of the acting group love coming to our place after a long day or just stay there after filming with us. all these people technically have become our family as well. in addition to that imagine all the different nationalities among us all: italians, germans, greeks, turkish, mexican, swedish, norwegians, french and russians – and only two americans. parties or even just sit-ins can’t be just quiet nights!

it feels like we really need to spend time together after school, having fun, talking, dreaming, etc. to somehow process all the day-to-day-challenges we had.

when we enrolled for this, we have been told that we would have to shoot “only” three films during the 8 week filmmaking program at New York Film Academy (NYFA). in the end each one shot 5 films, also additionally working on the films of the other students. this way we didn’t only direct our own “movies”, we also operated cameras (the first 3 films with the 16mm-film camera, the rest with the Canon 5D), sound and lights. once we finished shooting one, we had to come up with an idea for the other one that would have to be shot only a few days later… it was crazy! i felt like i was “running” from one idea to another all the time!

throughout all this period our night activities were limited to lighter entertainment, like dinner or going to the movies, most of the times staying at our place, though, playing card games or singing karaoke. because in our class there are some students who are under 21 years old, we didn’t want to go out at clubs and leave them out.
even though I love nightlife activities, I was fine with that. for one, i didn’t have the energy anyway. and secondly, this way you save a little bit of money.

oh yeah, money… soon I will have to find some temporary opportunities to earn some money again!

but for now: I just love how my life is at the moment. taking all these decisions was a really good idea!

the day I have regained some of my energy, I will write more about the New York Film Academy and our incredibly good and helpful teachers!

until then, you might want to take a look at some pictures.

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