it’s all about film, film, film

UPDATE below.

being in the middle of editing my final film, on an emotional roller-coaster because of it, sometimes desperate, pessimistic, other times “okay” with it, then again totally negative… ups and downs all the time, I am always looking for inspiration to move on and feel better about working on it.
of course my eyes are more on extraordinarily made videos and films now – whether it is very good storytelling or the high end aesthetics of it, I want that for my film, too!!!
I guess i have to accept the circumstances though. good films like that I’m going to make when I am done with school.

being almost at the end of film school, there are some moments I wonder what is going to happen for me in the future months. how can I use what I’ve learned, and where exactly?

yesterday thanks to the music I put on my film i thought that I may be more talented for making music videos. so it was surprising for me to learn today that the cool UK Dazed and Confused-magazine has produced 5 “dazed”-music videos that are nominated for prizes at the UK Music Video Awards! winners will be announced on November, 10th.

nominated for Best Choreography is ‘Wet Wipez’ directed by Dazed cover star FKA twigs, and featuring her favorite krump crew:

what struck me more though is a video that guys of the screenwriting class showed me last night before going out: the tune, the voice, the “special effects” as in how blood, fake eyes, art and lights are used.

This short film is also worth a view. It’s so simple and it has that funny subtext, that I was jealous I haven’t come up with this idea yet! it’s about what’s really going on in your mind when you bump into your ex involuntarily.

these are just a few of the videos I’ve been looking at.

I can’t wait to finish school and have a free mind for new ideas!

UPDATE: here’s a 5-minute short film about second chances in love. it was actually done for a shampoo brand but taking reference to the divorce rate in China. it is so well done, a whole love story told in less than 6 minutes – amazing!

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