An interview with “cool sampa”, Dani Ruano

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When moving to São Paulo of course you want to know where to find cool stuff in this gigantic, 11 million-inhabitants, city. After doing some research in the web in my first few weeks I found a catchy, creative, art-inspired Instagram- and Facebook-account called „cool sampa“.

sampa“? I had heard this word before and always wondered what it actually meant when I was new in the city and my Portuguese still very weak or almost non-existent… Observing the content of „cool sampa“ I figured that „sampa“ is an affectionate abbreviation for „Sao Paulo“.

1-IMG_5884_bDani Ruano is the creator of „cool sampa“. To interview her, I picked her up in a shopping-/artistic gallery in Rua Augusta where she held a presentation about the city’s street art and street fashion, and about the interdependency of both as well as of other factors. Unfortunately I didn’t attend her presentation…

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