xmas in brazil and germany

Now, today, that christmas has finally arrived, I am ready for more “Gluehwein” (hot wine) at one of the christmas markets here in Germany. Just now that all this jolly “christmas-warm-up” atmosphere is ending abruptly…
It’s getting harder and harder each year for me to get into the Christmas mood. Partly because of too much work beforehand that consumed too much time for a proper mental and materialistic holiday preparation. Or, this year, it has probably to do with a totally different climate area…

Being in a different country on a different continent with totally opposite temperatures does not do the job!
I have left tropical-becoming Brazil for Germany December 10th because I couldn’t imagine these holidays without my family. I have spent 4 days with my parents, then 6,5 days in Munich with my lovely friends, before going back again to the family’s home for Christmas. Theoretically, this was just enough time to organize and think of things… Pustekuchen! I was pretty busy with my demanding parents and meeting friends in Munich every day. Sometimes even more than just one in a day. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it! A lot! I just want to say how distracting all this was. I didn’t even consciously notice the Christmas decorations of the cities!

Maybe I was blinded by the poor decoration in Sao Paulo, as well. People actually expressed their disappointment about it. Supposedly, or in a more polemic point of view, this year the S.P. state might have spent too much money on the world cup and the elections that followed in October. The only richly decorated building on Avenida Paulista was the “Itau”-building, the Brazilian bank that sponsored the world cup.

See for yourself through my pictures that compare the Brazilian and German Christmas decoration/festivities. And have a merry, serene christmas time everybody!!

Brazil – Ibirapuera Parque in Sao Paulo.

Brazil – Avenida Paulista, Sao Paulo.

Germany, Munich.

Germany, Lebkuchen-Haeuser (houses made of gingerbread)

I am sooo happy to be at home with my family and true friends. Home definitely is where your loved ones are.

There’s no real happiness without love and respect. So don’t forget to treat others and yourself like that. Not only for christmas!

Kisses, beijos, baci, Kuesse!

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