let the beat control you


I don’t own the rights of this picture that I found in the www.

Since I was a little girl I thought I wanted to be a rockstar. Kate Bush was the first musician to keep me with my mouth wide opened, hypnotized, in front of our TV in Brazil. Later Michael Jackson scared me a LOT with the “Thriller”-video when I was 9 years old. It’s his fault that I was afraid to go to the basement when my parents asked me to get something from there. But he didn’t shock me for too many years…

Thank goodness hard rock bands like Europe, Bon Jovi and Guns ‘n Roses conquered my teenage heart so bad that I was listening to their concerts on the radio, crying because my parents wouldn’t allow me to go there at the age of 13. Since listening to them my wish of being in a band became strong. I wasn’t sure though about my role in the band. Everything was cool! In the end I was torn between being the singer or the drummer. My parents noticing my passion for music, bought me a flute, a clarinet and a piano instead…

Until today my wish just remained a dream. But a cool dream. Because in there I can be whatever I’m in the mood of. (In “The Bangles” “Hazy Shade of Winter” for example, I would play ALL the instruments AND sing!)

2013 in L.A. Downtown, playing with the props at work...

Anyway, enough about me! I love watching talented people with their instruments and showing off on stage.

The band “Walk Off The Earth” have posted a video of female street drummers on Facebook not too long ago. I just found out now that they are called “Drumcats” – the best female percussion group from Seoul. It looks like they haven’t been officially performing since 2011 or 2013, though. Thank goodness there are these very few videos available on the web! How can you not love these Ladies otherwise? 🙂

For the next video the embedding code had been de-activated. So here’s just the link to their approx. 10-minute-performance. Enjoy! http://youtu.be/DC4rod1Vmas

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