Sundance: when angels do exist

my trip from germany to salt lake city (SLC) for the Sundance Film Festival was a very spontaneous one. hence also a very unprepared one. for example, i didn’t know that the festival would take place in park city (PC), an hour drive away from SLC. additionally public transportation to that place almost doesn’t exist. there is a bus. but that one only runs three times a day – in the mornings the last one is at 07:37 a.m., and the last one from PC back to SLC is at 05:57 p.m. inconvenient, but i don’t deserve it better, i guess. and it still works if you just learn to accept getting up early and missing out on what’s happening after 6 p.m. on Sundance.


dawn in SLC while walking to the bus station 4 blocks.

i wasn’t very happy about getting up that early and missing out on parties – one of the best occasions to meet people that can mark your future path as well -, you can imagine.
but at least i am HERE! that IS something!!


on my way to the bus station i thought that it couldn’t be possible that i am the only one wanting to go to Sundance Filmfestival from SLC… even though my walk in the still dark morning felt lonely, i met luck. luck in form of a lady called Rosie.

Rosie is a talent agent from L.A. who also decided to go to the festival on short notice. her friend from London, a tv talk show host called Nana, asked her last minute to take her there.
Rosie, having been at Sundance the last 15 years in a row, knows everybody there and all the tricks to get into the events. with her help i got an easy access to credential passes, i would have never been able to get totally on my own. with her help we meet people from the industry… and she’s making me promises that i rather wait to tell until they come true. they sound just too good…

but Rosie wasn’t the only helping soul i met. when i went to the Sundance office to pick up my membership card, the nice lady at the counter, Emily, gave me a credential pass worth $200 for free!! her reason: “because you’re coming from far, you must see more than just the movies!”. this way i have access to all the panels with the actors and filmmakers talking about their movies!

Where I picked up my membership card and gifts.

Where I picked up my membership card and gifts.

Sundance 2015 pass and package office

Sundance 2015 pass and package office

Sundance 2015 pass and package office

“Film lovers” package? If I knew… I’m very curious what’s included in there!

Sundance & Slamdance 2015 gifts

Sundance & Slamdance 2015 gifts / first day

once you get started you get to suck in the good vibe that is going on. everyone is very nice, as if we were all one family! well, that’s the film industry, i guess! and I dare to say, that’s the Americans… I never got in touch that easily with Germans like i do with Americans. (sorry, Germans in the film and music industry. but it is true.)

i left Germany with doubts, but now i am so happy i took this last minute decision! i feel somehow rewarded for it with lots of luck!!

more to come… the panel with the world’s most powerful and passionate film boss Harvey Weinstein, the discussion with James Franco Zachary Quinto and Justin Kelly on “I am Michael”, the panel with Tig Notaro and Sarah Silverman, and much more…

Arriving in Park City, bus station

Arriving in Park City, bus station

Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah is known for skiing. Since 1981 it is known for the Sundance Film Festival as well, founded by actor Robert Redford.

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