Sundance: crowdfunding your film

surviving just by being an artist is really hard, that’s no news. getting your creative ideas financed also. but since the existence of kickstarter and other crowd-funding platforms, many projects move from “impossible” to “possible”. if you listen to the smart filmmakers that were invited to talk about their crowd-funding experience at the panel of The Hollywood Reporter together with Youtube at Sundance 2015, dreams seem to be even closer to reality. check out their suggestions to make your ideas come true.

IMG_0038executive producer John Sloss (responsible for recent Golden Globe-winner and Academy Award nominee “Boyhood“!), co-directors Bryan Carberry & Clay Tweel (of documentary “Finding Keepers“), Burnie Burns of Roosterteeth, and Marc Hofstaffer of Indiegogo give an inside scoop about crowd-funding.

I was there, impressed, reporting on my instagram account the most important statements these guys said.


Burnie Burns, “roosterteeth”




Burnie Burns pointed out that first you have to analyze the audience that your film is addressed to before you work on a financing strategy.






John Sloss agrees that you have to do your homework on the kind of community you want to reach with your film before you start your crowdfunding-campaign. which community will you be serving? the mental health-, the music-, etc. community?








Indiegogo’s Marc Hofstaffer recommend to offer some perks during your financing campaign to make people experience your film, make them feel involved and closer.



almost an hour of listening to these guys was highly inspiring to think about some movie ideas to make happen! it is possible with the help of the fans!

if you have an idea that needs to be financed, check out the entire talk here on Youtube – “Financing Through The Power Of Fans”:

(and see me in the front row, hehehe…)


Pictures Copyright Cristina Bergfeld 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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