Sundance: meet Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinsteinhis accomplishments make him and his company the most powerful film partner of the world. Harvey Weinstein definitely is a man to pay much respect to. let alone because of his tenacity.
with my corporate background when you think of a person like Harvey Weinstein you imagine him being the toughest and rudest, only economically focused, person of the world.

and then I saw him at Sundance Film Festival 2015 at indieWire’s panel.

his opinions about today’s movies and filmmaking are very strong, the topics were quite emotional, and he gave good advice for finding film ideas as well as how to submit a script.

to develop an idea he suggests to read books! “dead authors are good sources” for cheap movies, he claims, laughing. Harvey Weinstein himself reads three books a week!!

a good advice for screenwriters: get first an agent, then submit your script through the agency. companies like the Weinstein company are not allowed to accept or read scripts that are submitted directly by the writer by law. if your script is good, trust on it traveling to success.

aspiring filmmakers should understand the grammar of movies and literature. in the end everything depends on a well told story. tenacity is very important, too, because in this business “you get beat up a lot”. and he gives you a personal example of his tenacity when he was about to become a filmmaker.

by the end of the conversation I was able to take a picture of him. but when I was offered to have taken a picture with him AND me, I was too star struck and shy… the videos and the audio file that I recorded are just enough for me, and I hope you enjoy those, too.

here is my short video excerpt of indieWire’s session with Harvey Weinstein:

I recommend to listen to more of his wise words on the audio-file that I recorded. it even includes his opinion about guns in the US comparing it to Europe. the entire talk session is worth it! he’s not only experienced, but funny, too!! here are 16 minutes of Q&A also from the audience:

 All Rights reserved. Copyright 2015 Cristina Bergfeld.

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