Grammy Week

Yesterday (Sunday) was Grammy Day!! Of course in LA the whole past week has been dedicated to the Grammys by record labels or other companies to use the opportunity to raise awareness for their cause.

One of them was Wholefoods with its “Whole Planet Foundation”. I had the chance to attend the red carpet as a journalist for “Casablanca Newswire” and interview some of the celebrities. If I’m honest I was totally unprepared because this chance came like 30 minutes before it all started. And most of the invited guests I didn’t even know! Yes, shame on me!! But on the list were John Legend (who didn’t come), Christina Milian, and KT Tunstall.

I was really happy about KT Tunstall showing up because I really like her. After interviewing her I like her even more. Make sure you check her out at the video below, she’s really sweet!

When you watch my unprofessional iPhone-made video-interviews, me asking the celebs about Germany and the Grammys, please forgive my bad english and the shaky camera. I was a little bit nervous…
I only asked two main questions. Whether they have been to/going to Germany with their music/film, and what they are most excited about the Grammys. It turns out that everyone wants to see that one special artist at the Grammys!

Here are the first ones naming him. These gentlemen unanimously want to see that one artist at the Grammys, and they’re not the only ones…

“Travis McClung” is very excited about the Grammy’s. Here’s why:

“Sweet Suspense” – a band that has been casted by X-Factor in the US

“KT Tunstall” tells us how she will attend the Grammys…

Celebs about Germany…

“Cindy Alexander” – singer/songwriter. She was so sweet when I told her that I’m from Germany and I didn’t know her. She started talking about Germany and we had a really nice chat!

Travis McClung about backpacking through Europe and Germany…

Personally, I would be most excited about seeing Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine perform! (I heard they were performing but I’m not sure anymore now.)

What about you? Who did you want to see and win at the Grammys this year?

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