Gwen Stefani: “Mastercard Priceless Surprises” Show

Some of you who read my posts on the blog’s Facebook page and here on my blog as well, know how crazy my last 3-4 weeks have been in the USA. All this thanks to a woman I met at Sundance Film Festival. Rosie already helped me a lot in Park City providing me a free almost “All Access”-Festival Pass so I could go to all the interesting events and film them for us. She also promised me to find work for me in LA as she is a talent agent over there and knows the whole entertainment industry. Too bad that she kept confusing what I am qualified for and what I want to do in the future. But this is a whole different story that deserves its own article… However, going to all the events with her, including the “NAACP Image Awards”, she taught me how I can get the things that I want. Like entering that kind of show without paying anything,…

The Secret

I am not that as good as Rosie, and I never will be! She’s in the business for 30 years already and she is so barefaced as I can never be. Yet, I could adapt to a few things. It’s not necessarily technical skills, but barely believing that you CAN achieve what you want. Seriously! This is how I got into Gwen Stefani’s concert for free! My close friends know that I have been her fan for more than 20 years! I went to at least 5 No Doubt-concerts and to one of Gwen’s solo concerts. On top of that I saw her at an MTV Awards show in Rome. This time, not having a ticket, I went to the venue with the intention to see all the people lining up and thinking about  interviewing them. In case I wouldn’t find an affordable ticket for the concert, at least I was there with the purpose of filming and practicing my poor filmmaking skills. I didn’t have my good camera with me, though, because i was afraid of it getting stolen. The venue is in Downtown… So please forgive the bad quality. All those videos and pictures have been shot with the pocket camera “Canon S95”.

This is how i did it

When I was there filming and realizing that there were no tickets left to buy, I decided to stick around until everybody got in. I saw the VIP hostesses holding VIP wristbands. There were dozens left of the no-shows! That’s why at some point I asked them what they were gonna do with the wristbands that were left, of course with the intention of getting one of them. That didn’t work though… But right before I was about to give up a man came outside and looked around. The show had just started in that very minute, and I was the only one hanging out there. So he asked me if I was by myself and… gave me a free ticket!!!! In this case MasterCard genuinely provided me a “Priceless Surprise”!!

I guess it wouldn’t have worked if the concert weren’t sponsored by MasterCard and weren’t such a special show in a special venue. But if there will be another event under the same circumstances, it seems to be worth waiting out there until the sponsor shows up and maybe wants to fill empty seats! Lesson learned.

The Surprise

That I got into the concert wasn’t the only surprise. It got even better… A very pleasant side effect was seeing Jack Nicholson and Shirley Manson in the audience!

He was so cute sometimes moving to the music… for real! Even Gwen Stefani couldn’t believe that he is a fan of hers, as she posted on facebook this picture: Bildschirmfoto 2015-02-16 um 00.55.21 In one of the next upcoming articles I will post the video I’ve made of the venue and the fans. Stay tuned!! And don’t forget about how all this magic works: Just as Rosie said, you have to BELIEVE in what you want to achieve.

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