Over? A new beginning.

May 1st, 2015. Today is the day that my sabbatical is officially over. Hence, I have spent one entire year exploring, experimenting, and above all: enjoying total freedom…   My “real” life (for the lack of a better word because this is a wrong way to say it, and it suggests a certain kind of esoteric globetrotter mentality) starts again, but that doesn’t mean that my so-called “gap-year”-blog is destined to become a cemetery of that year’s stories.

It was an amazing time! So amazing that it feels like it has only been a dream… Did all this really happen? Have I really been this lucky to meet all these amazing people? Have I really done all this totally on my own?!? Maybe this is one of the reasons why the stories, that are still in my pocket, have to be told. To make me (and you!) believe, to “witness” again that everything actually did happen. People who like to live the moment like me might easily relate to my timing problem. I consciously set my priorities on enjoying what I see and feel, on spending time with the people I really like – that’s more important to me than tidying my room, organizing documents or… writing. Sorry for that. But don’t worry, I will try to post more and more from time to time. Because there are these incredible events that have to be told (Sundance Film Festival, Tulum, Iguaçu Waterfalls, the filmprojects I’m still working on), and special people (there were some crazy ones, and some “angels”, because I felt so safe with them) to introduce to you. On top of it, I want to let you know what I’ve learned, meaning how I changed my way of thinking about certain things, and how it made my life easier.

Ending the sabbatical doesn’t mean that I will never travel again, either. I will still travel whenever and to wherever I can! I already feel that travel bug that grew in me over the months, killing my fear and my stubborn idea that I don’t want to travel alone EVER. This, and many other things have changed. I have changed, even though it might not be that obvious. But i can feel it… I am stronger, so much stronger.

My heart is open for people, for places, for challenges and for things that I have never thought of as interesting before: among them many styles of art & sports, philosophies, or e.g. something more trivial as European cities and countries that are very much worth a visit, too. I won’t neglect them for sure!

In fact my next stop will be Barcelona! I’ve always wanted to go there for many many years, but never did for what I now think of as dumb excuses. This time I chose a special occasion for that trip: my birthday (do you remember the blog entry where I accidentally revealed my age? If yes, you know the age I will be turning to soon). My family and a few of my friends will go with me. I am so looking forward to it! AND this time I won’t have to travel alone! Exploring a new city with its cultural specialties with special people around me, is something I really do appreciate much. Hell yeah, it makes me happy!

Of course I do have plans for this new phase in my life. I will definitely go back to Brazil at some point as it has become my second or third home in this world. If only for a visit and the premiere of my documentary, I can’t imagine to stay out of that country for too long. Also I want to visit the friends I met along the way: in Holland, in NYC, in London, etc. People will come visit me, too. Last but not least, I hope that I will use this new energy to change my life into quality time not only with friends but also with my passion doing (short) movies (I hope I can make up time for it and that I can find the right people who join me doing it). It’s going to be great!

So stay tuned! And if you have any good suggestions for Barcelona, please let me know!

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