Are you jealous of me?

Having the opportunity to take a whole year off, is something exceptionally special. Many people aren’t brave enough to leave their comfort zone, or they just can’t afford it.

In my case I was lucky enough to have been able to save good money over the years with optional ideas to spend it: either buy a car or an apartment. Somehow it never appealed to me buying those things with the money that slowly accumulated itself, which is why I procrastinated spending it. In the late summer of 2013 I decided I would spend the money on my one year sabbatical. My parents didn’t need to support me at all (and wouldn’t need to help me for the next few months either, if I were still traveling). After all, I’m old enough, aren’t I? Yet, I wasn’t and still aren’t rich.

I really know how to appreciate my luck, believe me.

Nonetheless, I can feel some envy from a few friends and colleagues. And I understand. I would be jealous, too!

To make you more appeasing towards me, I’d like you to watch a funny youtube video called “Your Rich Friend That Travels All The Time” that makes fun of travelers praising traveling. Have fun!

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