Why Mother’s Day is a good thing

IMG_0239My mother sometimes is very irrational, very emotional, sometimes even childishly stubborn and insists to be always right. When she’s bored, she gets on our nerves in the attempt of being entertained by us. When she’s hurt, she fights back with a strong fist (not literally, of course!).
My mother is very often very shy, too, and even though she’s very determined in many things, she also lacks self-confidence. It’s almost hard to believe that she had written her phd thesis about a certain literature piece with a very uncommon interpretation that nonetheless got a high grade because of her powerful argumentation.
It’s from my mom that I got the sensitivity for communication and feelings, as she experienced many forms of pain and cultural misunderstandings in her life (being Italian married to a German man and living in a foreign country).
She doesn’t know that I understand this about her.
She is the one who introduced me to music first and then film when she took me to my first movie in the cinema (“A Chorus Line”) when I was 8 years old. She is not a filmmaker or film critic. She is not a singer or any kind of musician. She never played an instrument. But she “felt” every bit that characterizes film and music in its completion. I don’t know if my passion for these cultural values, including love, would exist if it weren’t for her. I don’t know if I would have this sense of justice if it weren’t for her (Italians have a strong sense for justice, hahaha).
She doesn’t know that I think like this either.

A person who understands you, is there for you no matter what time it is, encourages you when she is actually the one who sees where your heart belongs to, someone who gives you a hint for you to get back on the right track – this is very precious and hard to find in someone else.

Today is Mother’s Day. Even though I agree with people who don’t see the need of that one special day, I, on the other hand, appreciate this one day to use it as an opportunity to think deeper, more intense about my mother. It’s an opportunity to get to know her and understand her even much better. Because you usually don’t do that in a routine life. We tend to take things and people for granted.

But I really don’t want to imagine life without her!

Happy Mother’s Day!

1-IMG_5064 - Mama und ich Buzios

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