Exciting highlight – an exhibition about the sabbatical

I’m such a fanatic about love. Mais Amor Por Favor! More Love please! At the moment, I’m more obsessed with it than ever. I just can’t stop seeing it everywhere and talking about it. And let’s be honest. So many people deny it for whatever reason. In order to not show weakness, to not get hurt, to not be abused, etc. But: Everything comes down to love in the end, doesn’t it? Hence, let’s make it visible!

You must think that this author is a bit crazy. Or that she fell in love with someone, blinded by love, surfing on a fantasy level, must have taken drugs, or, or, or. No, well yes, I’m in love. But it doesn’t have necessarily to do with love between two people. Here it’s all about the love you can see in many ways. And this was the topic of my exhibition that took place last week.

Flyer_VernissageIt was my very first exhibition with the title “O amor”.
When I was in Brazil one of the first things I discovered through all the pain, corruption, and crime, the overall frustration Brazilians are going through, was the “Mais Amor Por Favor”-movement in São Paulo. Those were posters on street walls all over the city, in various colors, and in various wordings. It’s something I kept on photographing.
This need probably came from my personal quest for kindness when I took off from relatively unfriendly Germany. I like to think that that movement was also one part of a reason how I began to see love in so many different ways, because my quest started in a subconscious way. Suddenly pictures of passion for whatever thing had been taken. People who kissed each other, people who had a statement, people who played soccer, fans to show their love for their favorite artist, the love for nature, the love for a certain kind of lifestyle, the love for love itself, the love for freedom. Yes, for freedom. Freedom from norms, freedom from judgment. Freedom to be “allowed” to be who you really are. Free.

Today, I feel the urge more than ever to stay true to myself instead of trying to please everybody else. This one year trip made me more me.
Nobody’s perfect. Fear of unjust reactions limit us in our personality. There are some behavioral limits, too, of course. But there are imperfections that in certain environments are being taken too seriously, I think. Especially when you have been to countries where imperfections are so obvious in everyday lives and are being accepted for lack of power for change (as long as you can live them, and I’m talking about imperfections such as dirt, chaos, traffic jams, lazy service, etc.), you put everything else into a new perspective.

Here is kind of a description of my exhibition and some impressions of the opening night. I started to take pictures of the event when everybody was already gone. Just so you know, it was actually packed with many lovely people, genuinely interested in my mission.

Mais Amor - ex-text

It was a very enjoyable evening with an unexpected beauty: More people came than what I expected. And instead of just one DJ friend, in the end there were four of them turning the opening of the exhibition into a very special party night.

I am very grateful for the love that had been shown to me.

Keep on behaving like this and being conscious about that. It makes life better.

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