Message Of The Week: What you need to be successful

IMG_1575 bird1The past few weeks a motivational video went viral by Eckart von Hirschhausen who used to be a doctor before he became a comedian and presenter. He talks about his quick observation of penguins during a cruise, and the conclusion he’s made from that observation. After thinking that penguins were a constructional defect by God, one penguin showed him the total opposite once it jumped into the water and dove under it racier than a Porsche ever could! Hirschhausen realized that the penguin was suddenly in his real element! Two things resulted from his astonishment:

  1. How quickly he judges and can be wrong with it.
  2. How important it is to be in the right environment in order for you to be your best.

This applies on any level, such as friendships, relationships and the most difficult circumstance to change: work place.
Being in a job where the job itself and your colleagues or bosses can’t allow your best to come through, makes one unhappy on the long run. Unfortunately many people tend to compare themselves with others and try to improve their weaknesses to achieve something others have achieved. Instead, one should focus on his talents and be brave enough to change his environment to be able to make himself shine. And in the end to become happier.

It’s not worth it to suppress yourself. It might be a lot of effort to change things for the better. But you’re only going to become happier and unique when become active. The first step is to focus on and strengthen your excellence, not your weaknesses. Even when it’s considered to be a quirk. Because maybe it’s only a quirk in the (wrong) place you’re at at the moment, that turns out to be useful and valuable in another area. Just as Hirschhausen couldn’t use his creativity in the hospital, but very much so as a comedian and motivational speaker.

So the message of this week is: stop struggling so much in order to be like the others. Focus on your talents and make them work in the right “world” for you.

(The video is in German, but it pretty much says what I am describing here.)

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