No more solo travel – Here’s why

imageNew Years thoughts: … At the end of the year reflection about what has happened in your life before and what you wish it’s gonna be in the new year coming, is almost unavoidable. Some like letting go and planing ahead.

Others are clueless and more likely overwhelmed with new opportunities instead of feeling energized or relieved.

Personally I can relate to both feelings. It must be my Gemini sign… Never settle for just one option!

It happens that my travels work in a similar way. When I’m home I have the urge to break out from the routinized life and go explore. But shortly before the trip – when traveling solo -, my mind goes like this:
“Why am I doing this to myself again?! It seems like I had totally forgotten about my aversion of traveling alone!” It’s especially noticeable right now, being on the road again. Shame on me and my memory, that now I have to swallow this! Even though I’m at a paradise-like place in Mexico, being here alone is not enjoyable for me. And it makes me wonder repeatedly, WHY am I doing this again? More generally speaking: Why do I keep doing things that I don’t like?

First of all there’s this natural curiosity about other countries, being hungry to get to know everything about them. If nobody’s going with me, why should I not go anyway?

Also, regarding traveling, those who know me well, know what winter does to my personality. It turns it into a dark one, which makes me crave for sunshine and hot temperatures. Living in Germany doesn’t really help improving that condition.

But the strongest answer is: it’s about stepping out of the comfort zone. Getting too comfortable in life, grows laziness, or even stagnation. Getting out of your comfort zone is challenging yourself to innovate your life and to reinvent yourself, probably by confronting your fears, hoping to even overcome them. As a consequence, this is supposed to make you grow more mature and self-confident.
But here is the tricky part. What if some of your fears don’t have anything to do with comfort zones? It’s important to not mistake the offensive confrontation of fears with doing things that you’re not necessarily afraid of but you actually just dislike.

At this point I wonder if it hasn’t been enough already, stepping out of my comfort zone. Isn’t it finally the time to actually stay comfortable and do only things you feel comfortable with? Isn’t it time to take that maturity seriously instead of ignoring it? To know yourself better, in order to make the right decisions for you?
Challenges are always good, without a doubt, unless you forget to treat yourself with care.

imageUsually I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions but this one seems to be worth it. I like the idea of not needing to educate or train myself any longer in facing fears or challenging myself that hard. Been there, done that.

So for one, this is gonna be my last solo travel. From 2016 on, no more lonely vacations!

Happy New Year to everybody, and don’t be too hard on yourself, either, ok?

P.S.: If you want to check out what the pros and cons for solo traveling are, read it here: Solo-Travel: Pros and Cons
P.P.S.: I’m not totally alone here in Mexico, because I joined friends. But they are leaving in one day, and after that there’s almost two weeks left for me without anyone. All this just struck me in a few lonely moments.

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