Solo-Travel: Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of solo-traveling as I see it:

Pros solo:

  • Freedom

    you can pursue your own interests and make your own plans without having to compromise with anyone else. Not relying on anybody else creates freedom to plan your stay according to your very own taste.

  • Instinct

    Chances are high that at least a few times you’re going to find yourself in an akward situation that may be dangerous. These moments help you listen to your guts. Almost everybody can trust his instinct. So do you. And you learn to rely on yourself.

  • Independence

    Planing your travels, and giving your days a structure doesn’t only give good organizational skills. You become more independent not relying on somebody else’s decisions or orders. Deciding yourself about your next steps makes you more and more independent. You managing your trips totally on your own makes you more independent than you can imagine before having tried it out.

  • Wisdom & KnowHow

    “Different country, different customs”. If you travel alone a lot or you’re on the road for a long time crossing many countries, not only can you handle all the bureaucracy and border crossings easier than anybody else, by being flexible and patient. The different cultural characteristics you encounter force you to meet them with respect and trying to adapt. The more open-minded and respectful you are, the more you are welcomed by the natives and the more you learn about their culture. You become more knowledgeable about many things and people. Maybe you become even wiser.

  • Friends

    Being on the road alone makes you more communicative and therefore more open to make new friends. Yes, sometimes, when you’re lucky, even very good friends!
    Those are the only people who know exactly how you feel when you’re back home.

Cons solo:

  • Loneliness

    While you travel you obviously get many new impressions. But traveling on your own prevents you to share it with someone. Sure, when you’re on your own you may meet people easily at hostels, hotels or activities. But sometimes you just want to have syour partner, best friend or anybody familiar with you.

  • Challenges

    Challenges are good! They make you grow because you are forced to overcome fears and weaknesses. But: Challenges are most of the time uncomfortable or even dangerous situations that you would normally try to avoid in your daily life. They can be scary, and they are difficult to handle. That’s when it’s easy to lose the trust in yourself, and you would rather ask for help, usually a family member or a friend. But traveling alone doesn’t give you that perk unless you’re really lucky and the universe sends you a benevolent stranger to help you out. Other than that, you are forced to solve your problem on your own. When it’s handled you can be proud of yourself, but in the moment you’re gonna be anxious as hell.

  • Budget

    When booking your accommodations you’re going to notice that many hotels or B&B’s don’t rent out rooms for a single person. In case it is possible, you’d still have to pay the regular rate that a couple usually can share. Airbnb can help when looking for just one room in a flatsharing situation, but entire apartments are financially attractive (and fun) when shared between at least two people. Plus it would help saving your money for other experiences during your trip.
    Same story with transportation such as taxis or shuttles.

  • Stress

    Organizational work is only on your shoulders. Flights or any kind of transportation, accommodations, timings, luggage, bureaucracy, orientation in new places, etc. – it’s all on you and just you. Sometimes, depending on the time and the type of person you are, it can be stressful when the entire work is on your shoulders and not shareable.

  • Photo-Absence

    Selfies have such a bad reputation, and selfie-sticks now too. But there’s just no other way to get you on pictures, too. And you deserve it. Let the haters be haters.

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