6 things I didn’t do in L.A., but you should!


This is not an article to expect the classic L.A.-tour guide from. In fact, L.A. has the reputation of having no culture nor has it ever become known for seriously-considered art. The city unfortunately is underestimated in this regard. Fortunately for you, here is how the following suggestions for activities in Los Angeles are going to prove this wrong.
Having been in LA almost uncountable many times and sometimes even for a longer period, doesn’t mean that you get to see everything you wanted to. So here’s a list of 6 things I missed out on but you should try to see!

Downtown Art Walk

Downtown has always been and still is so underestimated. Sure, years ago you wouldn’t have wanted to have a car breakdown in the middle of the night there, even in company of friends. It used to be very dangerous and deserted by night in the past. But my one-week stay there last year (2015) was quite a pleasant one. Historically, culturally, and trendy Downtown L.A. offers you any kind of entertainment.

The most légère kind of consuming art is probably through the Downtown Artwalk. From galleries to street art, there are three different walks to choose from.
Walking just by yourself through Main and Spring Street can be fun, too. The fun lies also in taking a break in those cool bars and cafés with their innovative food and interior approaches. (So remember “Main” and “Spring” Street of that area).
But I assume that a guided tour through Downtown’s artsy streets and galleries is much more enriching.
Next time I’m there, I will definitely hop on this.

Concert at Hollywood Bowl

If you live in North Hollywood and are a music lover, you’re lucky. Because then, depending on the wind direction of course, you are able to listen to the Rolling Stones, ACDC, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aerosmith, Janet Jackson and all the other bands that play their concerts in L.A.’s famous Hollywood Bowl for free while staying on your cosy terrace, maybe combining it with a barbecue with friends. There would be no hassel ith the crowd whatsoever.
If you don’t live nearby, it’s definitely worth purchasing a ticket to a concert there. Just look at the pictures to see how amazing the venue is!

Cemetery Cinema:
Cinespia at Hollywood Forever Cemetery outdoor movies

One of the most unusual places to watch a movie is probably a cemetery. The “Hollywood Forever Cemetery” though is even more special. Hollywood actors of classic movies and other artists like musicians such as George Harrison, Johnny & Dee Dee Ramone or the recently deceased Scott Weiland are buried there.
While it’s certainly a bit morbid in someone’s opinion, others are able to ignore it and just enjoy the scenery in which the cemetery turns into an outdoor cinema.


022012.SO.1228.forever.3.pr On a clear winter day the Hollywood sign shows brightly above the Hollywood Forever Cemetery located on Santa Monical Blvd, east of Gower St. Photo by Perry C. Riddle/LAT, December 28, 2000.

Photo by http://www.bikesandhikesla.com


The LACMA: L.A.’s best museum

The Los Angeles County Museum is supposedly L.A.’s best museum, and looking from the outside probably the most impressive one. It makes people like me very curious, especially when they hear that inside the five buildings you can find some unique and crazy modern art pieces.
The entrance fee is not too expensive neither for the museum nor for the park. The park is worht a visit, too, because there is a wonderful view towards the Hollywood Hills and, of course, there are some crazy art installations outdoors to see.
Take a look at some of the amazing pieces on this blog.
Besides, how can you not desire to go there when you see this?:

Finally, after all this cultural input, it’s okay to relax and have some laughs!


When I was in LA for the first time in 1997, apart from the beaches, “Melrose” was the place I wanted to be. In my mind I had the image of TV show’s “Melrose Place” apartment complex, of course. After informing myself in travel guides I wanted to go there even more. Melrose Avenue with its colorful little shops and the diversity of people walking around there, used to be a true source of inspiration. Now 19 years later Melrose lost a bit of its charm over the years every time I returned.
Even if it’s still a nice place to hang out at without needing too much time for it, it’s not a surprise that other LA areas have developed into more beautiful, even artistic, scenes, too. Along with Echo Park, Silverlake is the current one. Located in the north-eastern part of the city, it’s neither far away from Hollywood nor from the beaches or Downtown, reachable within 30 minutes drive.
So if you are looking for an Airbnb, take a look at Airbnb’s effort in describing the area along with its suggestions of locations to visit, the airbnb’s guide through Silverlake.
The first time I found myself in Silverlake, I was taken to a romantic restaurant called “Cliff’s Edge”.

It was romantic indeed, less in a cheesy way than in a creative manner. The interior as well as the exterior is made of wooden artistic and cosy furniture.
After that we moved on back to Hollywood which is why I didn’t have the chance to explore Silverlake. But driving through, I could see how artistic it seemed to be. There were also many places I could imagine to hang out at for many long afternoons and nights.
Next time I’m in LA I will definitely look for an accommodation there! So, if you have the time, check it out! (Plus, there’s Moby‘s new restaurant “Little Pine” to try.)

American Sitcoms or Talk Shows LIVE!

For laughs American Talkshow style go to the Hollywood TV shows you always dreamt of seeing live! The Warner Bros-Studios were right next to my film school. If the school schedule weren’t that tight, my classmates and I would have definitely gone to one of the following shows right next door:
“The Ellen Degeneres Show” and “Two And A Half Men”.
It seems like an easy access to “The Jimmy Kimmel Show” that is located on Hollywood Boulevard. If you don’t manage to get tickets for Kimmel, try go anyway and see if something’s going on in front of its building. It happens so that very often there is a red carpet outside for Kimmel’s guests where you can wait for your star and perhaps even get a selfie with him or her.
To whatever show you want to go, make sure to book your seat a long time ahead! The Warner-Studio-Shows were sold out three months in advance, for instance.


Photo Credit/Copyright: Cristina Bergfeld, 2015.

This was hopefully an inspiration for your next trip to LA.
In case you are going to check out some of these suggestions (or already did), feel free to comment about it below.


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