“Treat people awesome” – Indielounge, Sundance

If you ever go to Sundance Film Festival make sure you stop by the “Indielounge”, created by Daniel Thompson for independent film artists and musicians.

Here’s an interview I filmed for Nana Churcher, TV and Radio Host of “The Nana Churcher Show”, based in London. The way I ended up filming for her is quite a story. When I was at Sundance Film Festival during my sabbatical year I had just bought a camera for filming after having attended the filmmaking workshop in Hollywood. I went there totally on my own without any clue, letting fate happen.

Fate made me meet Nana Churcher. Unlike me Nana went to that festival with the goal of meeting people to aim a tv channel programming abroad for her show. At some point she regretted not having taken her filming crew with her, when she realized how easily she got in touch with so many amazing people at that festival. Her show being about people with inspiring stories, encouraging to believe in your dreams, she felt that she could get quite some stories from those people.
That’s when I stepped in. I told her that I’m not a professional, but that I would like to help her out even though my camera skills were poor. If in the end she couldn’t use it, it would be practice for me at least. Luckily she agreed.

Daniel’s story is really inspiring! 7 years ago he went to Sundance Film Festival for the first time. The year after, he started his Indielounge. At the time of the interview the lounge was already in its fifth year. He told us about the challenges, what made him cry, what makes him happy and who of the film industry now appreciates the value of his idea.

Despite my immature camera work, this interview is worth watching if you want to learn how things can be made come true!

(Please don’t judge the filming quality. I worked with only one camera, no extra lights and no microphone. Plus, it was so cold back in the mountains of Park City, that I caught the flu for several days.)

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