Brazilian Bits & Pieces: “Jeitinho”

Brazilians have a certain reputation.
Apparently they are more committed to enjoying life than to work for their bills.
Apparently they act before they think.
And that’s when the so-called “jeitinho” takes place. It means something similar to “improvise”.
1-IMG_5933For example. They took me to take a look at a studio apartment for rent. They knew that I would have to move out after 2 months because my travels would continue. Consequently I wouldn’t want to buy new furniture. But that studio apartment was empty.
When I tried to explain that it didn’t make any sense for me to pursue that idea, also because I didn’t have furniture, the answer was a shoulder shrug and: “vai dar um jeitinho”.
The same happened like this when the stadiums for the World Cup and the now happening Olympics were about to be built. Remember the press always critizing the slow process of the construction, and the disbelief that it’s ever going to be ready in time? In fact, not everything had been done in time. But in the end nothing went wrong either.
For people like me this cultural difference can appear as a bit unreasonable. In personal matters, I kind of like this mentality of not giving up on an idea and looking for solutions at the second step of the process instead.
Good bye limiting beliefs, hello “jeitinhos”!



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