The world’s most famous beach: Ipanema in Rio.

olha que coisa mais linda, mais cheia de graça, è ela menina que vem e que passa,…” – lyrics by the song “Garota de Ipanema” (Girl from Ipanema): this characteristic Brazilian song was part of the opening of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro this year (2016), when internationally known supermodel Gisele Bundchen walked through the entire Maracanã Stadium representing this girl Antonio Carlos Jobim is singing about.

With that song in 1962 Ipanema, once the neighborhood of Rio’s artists, became the most famous beach in the world – next to the Copacabana, of course. When traveling to Rio these two surely shouldn’t be missed in your sightseeing plans.
But not only for sightseeing, also as an area for tourist’s accomodation Ipanema suits very well. While Copacabana is the more popular beach, Ipanema is the one more sophisticated. You’d usually expect the highest prices ever in that very well cared neighborhood where the houses facades look new, the streets are clean, and the trees are blooming in many colors. Despite being one of the richest neighborhood in Rio, prices are quite acceptable and sometimes even unexpectedly cheap.

The location is just wonderful aesthetically, being located between the calm lagoa lying beneath the green mountains and the Corcovado where the Christ statue is reigning over the city, and the vibrant beach life with its soft creamy sand.



From there you have a breathtaking view on the Tijuca forest and the two hills called „Dois Irmaos“ (Two Brothers). Being surrounded by nature wherever you are makes this city very special. Maybe this is why itis called „cidade maravilhosa“ – „wonderful city“.
Apart from the beautiful surroundings, the infrastrutcure is quite convenient for tourists who like to use public transport, too. You can reach any place by subway or by taxi easily and fast. Try to avoid the buses, as that is where most of the burglars try their luck on your valuable possessions. The subways have been proved to be quite safe, and by taxi it’s even safer.

The low prices aren’t only fun for touristic matters. Enjoying a self-made organic, very tasty caipirinha right at the beach on sunset for only 3 bucks is the best way to relax and end one of the days of your trip.
And who knows, maybe that one special girl from Ipanema will cross your way that day…


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