Munich- more than just Octoberfest.

Munich’s main attraction for foreigners is the biggest and most traditional beer festival in the world – the Octoberfest!

But believe it or not, there are also Bavarians or Germans from other regions (or non-beer-drinking foreigners) that don’t fancy this beer fest so much. For them Munich has many other beautiful spots worth a visit. Munich has truly more to offer than just beer.

Especially when it is sunny (which happens often during the Octoberfest season), Munich is a city you can walk through easily and admire the beauty of it. The architecture of this city is stunning. While walking through the streets and looking at the buildings or the parks, one soon recognizes the artistic influence of the diverse European culture.

Greek styles are to be found in the buildings of the museums around Königsplatz.

Italian beauty is reflected in “Ludwigstraße” by the university ad the national library.

And a Parisian feeling one can get while walking “Leopoldstraße” that resembles the “Champs Elysée”.  Just a bit further south there’s a church right by the river “Isar” at “Reichenbachbrücke” that reminds one of the “Notre Dame” which is beautiful especially by night.

The following photos will invite you to take a walk at the Isar and chill a bit by the shore if you feel like it.

A particular attraction that everyone likes once one discovers it, is the surfer spot at the “Eisbach”, right at the entrance of the park “Englischer Garten”. Where else do you have an artificial wave, open air, where even singer songwriter Jack Johnson from Hawaii tried to prove his surfing skills?

If you are eager to find a bar where there are no “Octoberfest-guests” allowed, there is that one spot for you: Café Kosmos, close to the train station. The owner is bold enough to be strict on not giving access to people coming from the Octoberfest and/or wearing the traditional costume. Imagine the economic loss that he is willing to take? Anyway. There you can be sure to find a quite “normal” audience during that crazy beer fest fever.

Of course, there’s even much more about Munich to tell and see! So please stay tuned for upcoming blog entries about my favorite spots, bars, and restaurants!




©All pictures are mine. All Rights Reserved.


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