#MMM Milchlächeln Mindful Moment – Ego

img_4513-1”The Milchlächeln Mindful Moment” (MMM) of the week is a new idea I felt motivated to start today and have a blog entry about it every second Thursday.
I would like to interact with you and talk about what inspired, what motivated and what made you proud each week. It’s about the genuine “Milchlächeln” feeling, the moment of true happiness, true contentment with yourself and your actions. A totally ego-free feeling. It’s about how you give and receive. It’s about self love and independence. It’s about your very own accomplishments in business and relationships. Self-improvement. Kindness.
Well, it’s about what’s really important in life.
Living life consciously. And above all: getting inspired by everything and by everyone! Learn! Grow! I’m counting on your stories!
Today mine is about how I went through a transformational period 3 years ago. The transformation is still not done yet, I can feel it. But I can tell I’m a totally different person now. I put my focus on being a kind person but still staying true to myself and insisting on my right of having needs, too, that friends, family, bosses etc. can fulfil. It was this period of growth, learning getting to know yourself better and how to not judge yourself and others for their alleged “weaknesses” but be understanding.
It’s not about treating others how you treat yourself. Because what if you don’t treat yourself like you deserve to be treated? What if you don’t love yourself enough yet?
I want to treat everybody and myself like I want to be treated by others.

This week my big step was putting my big ego aside and stay calm and loving. Even though it was hard, what put me a milky smile on my face was the knowledge that the person who received my effort felt a big relief.

What are your thoughts and what did you accomplish this week?

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