(soon photos shot with Canon 7D)

Current pictures shot with Canon 600D and Canon PowerShot S95 (May 2014 – March, 2015)

Bar Ace Hotel

The Cafe-Bar at L.A. Downtown’s Ace Hotel. Pure Coolness you immediately wanna belong to!

Los Angeles - Hollywood Boulevard - Oct/Nov2014

The Hollywood Boulevard is full of cars. Only a few people are on the sidewalk, and they don’t look that trustworthy…

Los Angeles Beachwood Drive - Oct/Nov 2014.

I like the Beachwood Drive because of 2 reasons: 1. It’s the one street from which you have a good view on the Hollywood Sign. 2. It’s the street that led to a cool breakfast place I went to with the man I had a beautiful romance with.

Los Angeles traffic, Fwy 101. - Oct/Nov 2014

Everybody complains about the traffic in Los Angeles. In fact it can be really bad. But it only happened to me once in 3 months that it took me more than 3 hours from Malibu to North Hollywood (which usually shouldn’t take more than 40 min).

Capitol Building Los Angeles - Oct/Nov 2014

All the times I’ve been in Los Angeles since 1999, among many buildings the Capitol Building is a magic reminder for success for me. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere…!

Los Angeles - Oct/Nov2014

This is the corner between North and West Hollywood, right by Castle Argyle. Being next to the Fwy 101 doesn’t make it attractive to many people. But I always felt the historic and classic Hollywood there. Apart from that this place reminds me of a personal romantic week.

Ipanema in Rio - World Cup Finale weekend

happy Brazilian guy - World Cup 2014 - shot w/ iPhone 3G

Happy Brazilian guy – World Cup 2014 – shot w/ iPhone 3G

View from Vidigal

View from Vidigal

Rua Aspicuelta, Vila Madalena, Brazil vs ?




Christo Redentor / Statue

Christo Redentor / Statue

Paribar - dia de amizade




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